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When we split a whole into ten equal parts, each part is called a tenth.

For example,


Here, a chocolate bar is split into ten equal parts. Each part is one out of ten equal parts. Hence, each part is called ‘one tenth’.

Tenth as Fraction
Here, a bar is split into 10 equal parts.

Out of 10, 1 part is shaded.
Fraction of the shaded part = \frac{1}{10}
So, ‘one tenth’ as a fraction is ‘\frac{1}{10}

Out of 10, 4 parts are shaded.
Fraction of the shaded part = \frac{4}{10}

Tenth as decimal
One-tenth is the same as \frac{1}{10}


The fraction bar between numerator and denominator is the same as the division bar.

\frac{1}{10} is same is 1 ÷ 10 which is 0.1

So, ‘one tenth’ is 0.1.

Also, the first digit to the right of the decimal point represents tenths.


The shaded part
As a fraction = \frac{3}{10}

As a decimal = 0.3

In words = Three tenths

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