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Telling time from an analogue clock

Analog clock
An Analog clock is a circular-faced clock with the numbers one to twelve around the outside.


There are two types of hands on the clock. 

→ The hand which is shorter in size is the hour-hand. This hand tells us which hour it is. The numbers on the clock represent the hours. 


→ The hand which is larger in size is the minute - hand. This shows how many minutes are past the hour.

Both the hands move in the same direction which we call the clockwise direction. 


What is a clockwise direction?

In the clockwise direction, the clock's hands move clockwise from the top to the right, then down and then to the left, and then back up to the top.



Let’s learn about reading time.



When the longer hand i.e. the minute hand is pointing to the number  12 and the smaller hand i.e. the hour hand is pointing to one of the hour numbers, we call this o’clock. 

In this clock, the hour hand is at 3. The minute hand is at 12.

It means the time is 3 o’clock.


Tell the time to half past the hour

When the minute hand is at 6 then we call it “half past”. 

The minute hand is at the number 6. 

The hour hand is just past 2.

This clock is showing half-past two. 

Time in roman numerals 

The Roman numeral system is an ancient system in which letters are used to write numbers.

Let’s learn about some symbols used in the Roman Numeral system.


Some of the roman numerals:

I - 1

II - 2

III - 3

IV - 4

V - 5

VI - 6

VII - 7

VIII - 8

IX - 9

X - 10

XI - 11

XII - 12


For example: 


The hour hand is at VIII - 8.

The minute hand is at XII - 12.

It means the time shown by the clock is 8 o’clock. 

Let’s try a question!

Question: The time shown on the clock is ______. 




The minute hand is at 6 and the hour hand is just past 7. Therefore, the time shown is half past 7. 

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