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Subtracting up to 3-digit numbers using Column method

In the column method, the numbers to be added or subtracted are set out above one another in columns. 


Let’s learn about it with the help of an example –



Step 1 – Arrange the numbers above one another in columns.

The bigger number is to be written at the top.




Step 2 – Start subtracting numbers from the right side i.e., ‘ones’ to the first column i.e., ‘ones’.

As we cannot take away 6 ones 5 ones, we will exchange 1 ten for 10 ones.


255 – 146 = 109

Let's try a question:

A car company manufactures 355 cars. Out of which 168 cars were found defective. What is the remaining number of cars which are not defective?


Total cars manufactured = 355

Cars found defective = 168


Remaining cars not defective = 355 – 168 = 18

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