Math > Year 3

Multiplication & Division problems in Context

Problems in Context means worded problems based on a situation.

Worded Problems have some keywords which help us decide what to do.

Keywords for Multiplication


Problem 1: The entry ticket to a park is £8. 264 persons bought the ticket on Sunday. How much money was collected on Sunday?

Here, the same amount i.e., £8 was paid repeated 264 times. This gives us a hint of multiplication.
So, 8 × 264 = £2,112


Keywords for Division


Problem 2:  120 students of a school went on a picnic. The teacher decided to make groups of 8 students. How many groups of 8 students can be made?

Here, the keywords are ‘groups’ and ‘how many ‘groups’. These hints of division.


120 students will be split into groups of 8.
120 ÷ 8 = 15
15 groups of 8 students each will be made.

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