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Angles and Turns

An angle is formed when two straight lines meet at a point. 


For example,



Here, line A meets line B at point C. It makes an angle there.

An angle is represented by the symbol ‘’ and is measured in ‘degrees or °.


Right angle

When two straight lines meet each other, they form a right angle.

It is represented by a small square at the point where the lines meet.




The measure of a right angle is 90°.


Quarter Turn

Turn from the yellow line to the orange line is a quarter turn.



One-quarter turn is the same as one right angle.


Half turn

Turning the from yellow line to the green line is a half turn.


Two quarter turns or two right angles make one-half turn.


Three quarter Turn

Turning from the yellow line to the blue line is called the three-quarter turn.


Three right angles make a three-quarter turn.


Clockwise and Anti-clockwise 


Clockwise means turning the same way the hands on a clock.



Anti-clock wise

Anti-clockwise means turning the opposite way in the directions of the hands on a clock.




Let’s try a question.

If the hour hand of the clock takes a clockwise quarter turn, what time will be shown by the clock?






The hour hand will be at 6.


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