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For every student, the inner fear of asking doubts of a teacher prevails in the very early stages. Some students overcome this fear early and promptly ask questions to teachers and clarify their doubts in the class itself and excel in their academic achievement. But most students are unable to get rid of the shyness and fear that makes them remain subjective doubts for a long time. This severely hampers their academic performance in the primary stages and continues to drop dramatically in the next secondary and upper grades. Students get the full tutor time for themselves that they lack in classroom teaching and also because they are taught in a private setting, there is no fear of being laughed at for posting any kind of doubt about this lesson.
Here, in the Education Capsule, we believe that if provided with the right help, any student can excel in their studies. We do believe that every learner is special and worthy of learning at their own pace. This is why we made a platform that can help every learner to reach their full potential: Education Capsule. Education Capsule is an online tutoring platform with qualified tutors. We provide one-to-one teaching and group teaching services using our handcrafted online teaching platform.
Science is one of the basic curriculum disciplines that employers and future educational institutions will use as part of their skills evaluation, along with English and Math.

Education Capsule helps learners become an expert in both theoretical and practical knowledge. . We help students of Key Stage 1, Key Stage 2, Key Stage 3, 7+, 11+, 13+, GCSE, and many more in Science. Our lessons help students improve their recollection, analysis, and comprehension abilities, which are crucial for grasping the main concept and branching out into the subfields of physics, biology, and chemistry.
We have a group of Science experts who are qualified and enough to make learning fun and effective for kids. The sessions are based on two-way communication using editable screens where the learning happens in a fun and engaging manner.
We do not compromise on quality and guide the students with step-by-step teaching methods by assessing the style and needs of students by dealing with issues and struggles of pupils with the help of flexible and innovative solutions. Our broader and more informative program aims to offer the children opportunities to curtail themselves academically for attaining their personal best.

Why Choose Education Capsule?

We provide tailor-made, one-to-one science homework help customized to the level of understanding of the student and provide outstanding support. Education Capsule is a reliable platform for the children who find it tough to get involved and engaged in the entire large classrooms, and are provided with a personalized science tutor or online Math tutor who is entirely available for them throughout the session which aids in enhancing greater understanding and engagement in the lessons. Here, we choose lessons on the basis of the undertaking and performing initial and ongoing assessments in a seamless manner.

Our vision

Our vision is inclined toward teaching a wider student population across the UK to minimize their stress and anxiety about science. Education Capsule seeks to offer help for students in engaging in their science lessons and science homework help as well as guide them during regular and competitive exams. We believe in the power of easy and convenient science concepts for children through captivating and interesting activities and games. With us, the pupil will crave our science tutor online and feel relaxed during and post sessions.

Tailor-made coaching based on specific student

The one-to-one online science sessions are customized to the child’s level of understanding in order to offer assistance and guidance during her learning journey. The children usually feel difficult to learn and understand in the entire classroom, so engaging in a one-to-one session with a personalized science tutor online would aid in enhancing confidence and engagement.

Personalization for each child

On conducting the initial and ongoing assessments, Education Capsule platform selects the lessons precisely in order to address each pupil’s unique deficiencies. This offers an opportunity for a large number of pupils to engage in science online classes for science homework help. Our main aim is to promote customized and personalized goals for helping pupils to reach desired objectives in an efficient manner. Thus, this platform would help in overcoming the students’ struggles with group learning sessions by providing science homework help.

Interactive learning space

At Education Capsule, the science online lessons are imparted in digital and interactive lesson space. The science online tutors provide easy teaching concepts with the aid of interactive exercises and games as well as explain and practice science questions as per the curriculum collaboratively. Thus, the instructors at Education Capsule recognize each pupil individually and acquaint themselves with the pitch of each lesson for enhancing the child’s engagement and progress.

Dedicated and experienced science teachers

At Education Capsule, we have Science tutor online who are professionals and specialists in teaching students in key stages 1,2 and 3 as well as 13+ and GCSE and have undertaken tutor training successfully for imparting science homework help in an efficient manner. The lessons are regularly observed by the tutor and constructive feedback post each session is provided to the students for exceeding their performance in future sessions.

Learn anytime, anywhere

We, at Education Capsule, aim at proving the child’s potential and preparing him for career growth by assisting him with conceptual knowledge in science. Our platform is developed to help the pupils grasp and understand all the science lessons through online one-to-one classes anytime and from anywhere. At Education Capsule, the pupil is able to learn sessions remotely with a computer, camera, and proper internet connection. In fact, the pupils and parents do not need any special preparation to join the class and our educator will guide them from there. We offer science tutors online for Key Stages 1, 2, and 3 to high school learners (13+) which are governed and directed by our tutor team with expertise and experience. Thus, Education Capsule views and believes that education is a learning platform that must be accessible to all pupils throughout the globe, irrespective of their background and residence.

Use of Customer made resources

Different schools, pupils, and educators have different needs and preferences. Education Capsule provides science lessons and science homework help with premium services of presenting diverse tailor-made resources, aiming to focus on a child's needs in an efficient manner. At our platform, we generate custom-made science resources for meeting the specific requirements, needs, and characteristics of the learner. Using the assistive technologies and instructional methods on our platform ensures that students could gain from online educational opportunities.

Recognized for developing progress

Education Capsule focuses on the provision of teaching sessions via skilled and experienced science tutors customized with an aim to increase the students’ exam grades and enhance progress rapidly. The science online lesson help is imparted to the child by making them suitable for the child’s budget and schedule. Also, this platform provides the finest and most collaborative services with efficient screen sharing features for easily making the pupil understand scientific concepts.


Education Capsule aims at making learning fun for students. We make sessions interactive and engaging and students love learning with Education Capsule.

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Why Choose Education Capsule?

Get personalised learning for your child.


Unique for every learner

We assess your child’s abilities and style of learning through our provide personalized one-to-one sessions based on results and advice from school teachers.


Interactive and Engaging Sessions

The sessions are based on two-way communication using editable screens where the learning happens in a fun and engaging manner.


Round the clock availability

We are available 24×7 tailored to your school timetable. The sessions can be booked at any time of the day, as per the availability of the learners.


Competitive prices

We offer one session completely free of charge. Our prices for one-to-one sessions, each session lasting an hour, are quite competitive .

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