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According to research, when it comes to Math, many students in schools in the UK are struggling to achieve their highest potential. The most widely recognized issue while learning math is that students lack an understanding of the basic concepts. Consider math building blocks, you really want to first establish the foundation prior to pushing ahead. Also, in the event that the foundation isn't laid as expected, the blocks will go to pieces. Education Capsule helps to lay a strong foundation in Maths by helping students to understand concepts in an easy and fun way. Education Capsule is an online platform that provides one-to-one customized sessions to learners across the UK. We help students of Key Stage 1, Key Stage 2, Key Stage 3, 7+, 11+, 13+ SATS, GCSE, and many more in Math. Education Capsule's exceptional online tutoring has been shown to help children succeed in math. Our personalized and adaptive one-to-one tutoring is trusted and recommended by hundreds of parents and teachers across the UK. We recognize the significance of enabling the students to look beyond the curriculum in order to expand their understanding and knowledge by satisfying intellectual inquisitiveness. Before starting the learning journey, we pre-assess the learners to recognize their degree of math information, spot any tricky issues, and distinguish explicit abilities they are attempting to create. Based on the detailed assessment, our tutors will make an extraordinary learning plan explicitly to assist the learners with learning or potentially further develop their number-related abilities.

Tailor-made solution for each child

The one-to-one online maths sessions are tailored to the pupil's level of understanding so as to provide excellent support. There are certain pupils who are difficult to reach within the whole classroom, with a personalised online maths tutor who is totally theirs throughout the session helps in effective engagement and understanding. By undertaking initial and ongoing assessments, Education Capsule chooses the lessons specifically and precisely to plug up each child’s distinct inefficiencies and gaps. This would provide the opportunity for a broad range of students to engage and involve in a bespoke maths intervention simultaneously while promoting the tailor made and personalised objectives to help students to reach and attain appropriate level with its online maths homework help. For coping up with the struggles of group study, we are here to provide online maths lessons at Education Capsule.

Expert teachers to deliver maths classes

All the tutors for online math sessions at Education Capsule have expertise in either STEM subjects and acquire all-embracing training & development. So, your search ends here for private maths tutors. The tutor for each pupil remains the same throughout the lessons for continuous building and growth of relationship. All the educators and private maths tutor at Education Capsule are maths professionals and specialists who have completed the intensive initial tutor training successfully to impart online math and math homework help in a proactive manner. The lessons are observed on a regular basis and private online math tutor to give each child an increased level of satisfaction.

Proven to build up progress

Our online maths and math homework help sessions have helped the students in boosting their progress to an extraordinary level. In an independent trial, the students made 6 months' growth and progress in less than 14 weeks. In fact, at Education Capsule, it could be visualised a continuous level of improvement in the students enrolled with us, with enhanced confidence, better-quality ‘maths talk’ and exceeding the expectations.

Reliable and engaging tutors

All the educators and private maths tutor at Education Capsule are maths professionals and specialists who have completed the intensive initial tutor training successfully to impart online math homework help by online maths tutor in a proactive manner. Our online math tutors put their best efforts to make learning fun for the learners. The lessons are assessed and the quality is checked on a regular basis and private maths tutors obtain ongoing and enduring training and development. In fact, the online maths tuition at Education Capsule has assisted over 90,000 students exceed the expectations and performance.

Interactive learning space

At Education Capsule, the lessons are offered and rendered in our tailor-made, interactive lesson space. The platform we use is easy to use for online Curriculum preparation, Online math homework, 11+, 13+ and other entrance exam preparation. The online maths homework sessions are based on two-way communication using editable screens where the learning happens in a fun and effective manner. The online maths private tutors offer tricky concepts to life with the help of interactive exercises and games, drawing diagrams as well as annotating online homework help and practice questions collaboratively. Thus, the educators at Education Capsule understand each of the students individually and familiarize the pitch and pace of each lesson for building engagement and boosting the child’s progress.

Our Vision

We are here to aid the broad range of students throughout the globe for addressing their need and anxiety towards Maths. The pandemic situation has prevented the students from obtaining effective guidance and assistance in completing and understanding their curriculum, especially Maths. Education Capsule seeks to offer help to the pupils in pursuing their maths lessons in their desired school with effective guidance during regular and entrance exams. For us, each student has a unique and precious place and we make initiatives to excel and enhance their competencies with effective guidance and regular assistance to grow and develop their career goals. At Education Capsule, we provide regular online maths homework lessons with the help of qualified and dedicated tutors which are central and fundamental to a child’s growth. We trust in the power of relaxed and easy mathematical concepts for children through thrilled and captivating interactive activities and games too.With us, your child's math homework will help and will be asking you for more and more maths classes.

Skilled Maths Tutors

Are you stressed about Maths? Maths is a significant part of academic studies. At Education Capsule, we have a team of commended and expert professionals in mathematics for students in years of education experience under their belt to obtain online math homework through online math tutor. Our tutor adopts the most relevant and desirable teaching practices for delivering the information in a most joyful and appealing manner. With Education Capsule, as parents, you can assure your child’s highest grades in maths with help of private maths tutors. In addition to this, our math tutors demonstrate their expertise, knowledge and experiences for explaining the most complex concepts and problems in the Math course in the simplest manner. This would aid your child to apply hacks and tricks for operating large numbers and complex problems in their minds and obtain high grades in their math exams in a seamless manner. The private Maths tutors at Education Capsule offer expert and specialised tuition at primary, GCSE, 11+, 13+, 7+ and SAT, so you can find a maths tutor to reduce your struggles and anxiety for Maths.
We, at Education Capsule emphasise on:

1. Learning from skilled and experienced maths tutors specialising in enhancing exam grades

2. Provision of online maths lessons in order to suit your schedule and budget

3. Accepting requests for ad-hoc lessons with the tutor and creating a structured schedule to suit you

4. Provision of finest and collaborative working with smooth screen-sharing features for imparting maths lessons.

Learn Anytime, Anywhere

We, at Education Capsule, focus on unlocking the potential of the child and prepare him/her for the future by aiding them to shape their knowledge and competencies in maths. Our platform is constructed to aid your child learn and grasp through online classes from anywhere and anytime. With us, the child can obtain learning sessions from wherever and whenever they want and require only a camera, computer and an Internet connection. The parents and students do not need any specialised preparation for joining the class and our tutors will assist you from there. We propose online classes for Key Stage 1, 2, 3 and exams like 7+, 11+, 13+, SATs, GCSE and much more which are led and directed by an expert team of tutors. Education Capsule believes that education is an empowering framework which must be accessible to all students across the globe, regardless of their residence and background. Thus, Education Capsule is a marketplace of digital lessons for the students and aid the parents in finding interest to get their children obtain maths classes through convenient communication channels. Our integrated program delivers online maths lessons with a focus on designing your courses and teaching accordingly. So, sign up now to begin digital learning fun and online math homework help with us and find a maths teacher!

Diverse tailor-made resources

Education Capsule offers premium services of introducing diverse tailor-made resources, focussing on your needs in a seamless manner. Different students, schools, tutors have different needs and preferences. Here, we create custom made Maths resources for meeting your needs in an efficient manner. Our main expertise is developing simple and engaging learning aids for children and teachers as well as designing online courses carefully to enhance the teaching and learning process. At Education Capsule, tailor-made courses are curated by considering specific requirements, needs and characteristics of the learner. The use of assistive technologies and instructional methods at Education Capsule, ensures that the learners could benefit from digital educational opportunities. We at Education capsule, understand the value of time and believe that parenting takes enhanced efforts. Thus, we carefully choose, screen, assess, and supervise all our online math tutors to ensure that the parents are comfortable and convenient in entrusting their child to us and visualise that child is excited and has grasped with novel Math knowledge, and is calm and thrilled about their next lesson with us.

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