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English - The Most Studied Language in the World

English is the official language of more than 50 nations. According to recent studies, there are currently 1.35 billion English speakers in the world. This is 17% of the world’s population. Also, English is the most studied language. It is the only language with more than a billion learners worldwide. There are many reasons for learning English as it plays a major role in your career growth. Spoken by millions of people around the world and taught in over 188 countries it is an incredibly useful language to learn.

Why is Learning English important?

It should come as no surprise that English is so widely spoken and studied. No matter what career path you select, learning English is a must to grow and prosper. Global material, such as news, politics, and entertainment, is frequently reported in English at the outset in many different countries. Global job market has created many new prospects for people. As such, by learning English you can avail better career prospects. Being one of the most frequently used languages on earth also makes it easier to communicate internationally, especially in nations where it isn't always the official language. English language courses would be beneficial for you to improvise over the communication skills and thereby gain confidence by speaking effectively required in every sphere of life. Being a language of international communication as well as media and internet, it is becoming a necessity for people to speak English for socialisation and interaction. Having a better understanding of English will allow you to access a wide range of information from the internet and as a student will improve your learning. Therefore, by learning English you can enrich your career growth by accessing diverse opportunities!

How will learning English improve your career prospects?

No matter where you come from, learning a new language is beneficial. Being multilingual can improve your networking skills, negotiation skills, and understanding of international relations. It is especially useful because English is spoken in so many different countries that you can work anywhere in the world. As English is the official language of more than 50 nations, learning English means more job opportunities. You may even be eligible for additional promotions and travel opportunities based on your English proficiency.

English Immersion From Anywhere

Education Capsule provides everything a learner needs to become a confident and fluent English language speaker. Improvise over your English proficiency by joining our English language courses. We provide tailor-made courses for English language learning which includes – Grammar (Basic and Intermediate), Reading Skill, Speaking Skills, Listening Skills, and Writing Skills. We believe that every person or student is different and has their own learning style and preferences. One teaching style is specifically developed to cater to the needs of different learners.

Customized online English tutoring classes

One-to-one learning is a great opportunity for focusing on an individual learner's needs and abilities. It is rather difficult for a teacher to meet the diverse learning needs of students in a traditional classroom. Creating a supportive environment for students is necessary to cater to their personal English learning needs. As a professional, we are working to give students excellent English learning opportunities through one-to-one interactions with them. Our customized online English tutoring classes are designed to make students comfortable speaking in class and opening up to their issues and problems. We specifically provide private online English tutoring to meet an individual learning needs in English. Creative English lectures are developed to encourage participation of students through focussing on individualised lessons.

Our online English private tutoring pushes students to speak English with the instructor throughout the session and ensure their active engagement. Students tend to receive customized instructions as per their individual abilities and knowledge and can receive instant feedback to drive improvement in their English reading and speaking skills. We believe in applying appropriate structure and content when it comes to one-to-one online private tutoring for effective learning. Every student is different so is his/her learning needs that needs to be addressed for enhancing the effectiveness of an individual learning process. Our English instructors hold the responsibility for learning and building the linguistic knowledge of students by actively teaching the new concepts.

Learning English will boost your confidence to talk to one individual or before a gathering of people. It'll deliver you the certainty to share and express your considerations and sees without any wavering. Moreover, in the event that you go for a work meeting and wouldn’t be able to reply to the questioner with certainty, you'll not get the work. The way you converse with somebody tells a parcel around your identity, so it is important that you continuously wear your certainty and talking English will assist you with that.

Our Main Courses

5 reasons to learn with Education Capsule

Individual Classes

We believe that every learner is different and has their own learning style, preference, and pace. At Education Capsule, learners have an opportunity to learn from their private online tutor. We assess the level of the learner and make a personalized plan to provide one to one tutor i.e. English tutor online.

Certified English Tutors

English tutors online in Education Capsule are masters in their subject field and are committed to offering fun yet effective learning sessions. The private English tutors are always available to answer queries, and offer tailored support to each student in an efficient manner. We are available 24×7. The sessions can be booked at any time of the day, as per the availability of the learners.

Round the clock support-

We provide online tutoring services around the clock. Our tutors are available 24/7 for dealing with problems that will be faced by the students at the least possible cost. The sessions can be booked at any time of the day, as per the availability of the learners.

All Levels covered

No matter if you are a beginner or intermediate, our diverse lesson plans will cater to the needs of different learners. After the pre-assessment, the learners can start learning with their private English tutors as per their level.

Competitive prices

We offer one session completely free of charge. Our prices for one-to-one sessions, each session lasting an hour, are quite competitive. Our private English tutors are well qualified and experienced who deliver the best sessions at the economical cost. We believe that knowledge should be imparted at the best possible cost for the learners.

Private English online tutoring at Education Capsule provides you the benefit of getting a better idea of the student's needs by analysing his/her skills and abilities in English as a language. Individualized lessons fosters their English fluency unlike in traditional classrooms where students feel pressured and lack confidence to share their personal learning needs. Our English language learning courses will make it easier to correct the students’ pronunciation and they will be exposed to new trends and styles in English as a means of communication. We focus on bridging the communication gap between students and instructors by conducting more discussion between them so that there are no gaps in learning. Students can steer the class in directions as per their want and effectively learn the target material.

We serve people of all age groups. So, join our private English language learning courses to build your English proficiency to stand out in front of a sea of students.

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