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At Education Capsule, we believe that every student is different and has their own learning style, preference, and pace. Some students do not feel comfortable asking questions in a class full of students. In Education Capsule, we offer one-to-one personalized and adaptive sessions for students from Key Stage 1 to 3 to help prepare their curriculum. The tutors in Education Capsule are masters in their subject field and are committed to offering creative and flexible lessons from the curriculum, specifically in the subjects- of Science, Maths, and Computing with exceptional preparation in Key Stage 1, Key Stage 2, and Key Stage 3. We have dedicated and talented professionals with many years of teaching experience that provide high-quality and user-focused teaching sessions as per their school curriculum. In addition to this, the private tutors on our platform understand the significance of your child’s educational curriculum in an efficient manner. We are aware that the student is embarking on a path that would not only provide education building blocks for their success but would also aid in shaping the individual they become. The curriculum plays a significant role as the central basis for achieving the goals devised by the teacher, the curriculum, and aids in conducting the learning and teaching activities. In fact, the curriculum helps a student to develop lessons that determine the objectives as well as the teaching methods, subject matter, and evaluation processes. However, along the educational path, the students and parents usually face challenges and triumphs in their personal and academic lives.

Thus, at Education Capsule, the educators and parents of the child would be able to supplement the curriculum with an extensive range of lesson plans, teaching tips, and worksheets, helpful in attaining high grades. With an emphasis on maths, computing, and science, our topic explanations and conceptual videos of the curriculum help a student to develop an understanding of each topic effectively.
We recognize the significance of enabling the students to look beyond the curriculum in order to expand their understanding and knowledge by satisfying intellectual inquisitiveness. Our broader and more informative program aims to offer the children opportunities to curtail themselves academically for attaining their personal best. Our expert tutorship team aligns with the student’s needs and preferences from subject and levels, ranging down to exam board and personality compatibility. The tutors are always available to listen, answer queries, and offer tailored support to each student in an efficient manner. We are available 24×7. The sessions can be booked at any time of the day, as per the availability of the learners.

What do We Teach?

English for all Ages
Science Age 4 to 15
Maths Age 4 to 15
IT Age 4 to 15

What We Will Deliver

There is a Tailor - Made Solution for Your Child.

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